For practical works

Hospital equipment is mandatory (scrubs, slippers, headband)!

All students must wear a nametag!

Students will arrive 5 minutes before the beginning of the class!

Mobile phones are prohibited in the ICU!

Personal luggage and street clothes will not be brought in to the ICU!

Long hair has to be tied up in a pony tail or hidden under the headband!

Students will respect the patients and medical personal!

Visiting the patients in the ICU or the OR will be possible only with permission and under strict supervision of the teaching attendant!

Medical maneuvers will only be done with permission and under strict supervision of the teaching attendant!

Students will introduce yourselves and any maneuver have to be explained to the patient!

All patients data are confidential, students will not divulge any information about patients status or their medical interventions!

Before and after any medical maneuver hand washing is compulsory !

Al medical personal have to respect rules of sterility!

Medical gloves should be used for every maneuver!

Every pair of gloves will be used only once! Gloves are for your safety. Don’t contribute to the spreading of nosocomial infections!

Students will answer and comply to every request issued by the medical personal, even nurses and so on!





For stages

Students will arrive to the medical ward before 8 o’clock!

Every student will examine the patient(s) in his/her care and will present him/her at rounds!

No patient shall remain unexamined by a student, in case the set student is absent, his/her colleagues will examine and present the patient instead of  him/her!

All students must participate at rounds on the whole ICU (except septic and isolation rooms)!

Students will go to the library room whenever are announced by the teaching attendant!

Stages should be completed at the ICU rooms, not on the hallway or the cafeteria!


All rules for practical works are in place for stages as well.